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Current Cybersecurity Landscape and How It Can Benefit from Diversity


In 2016, the headline “America Is Losing the Cyber War” hit hard when it landed front and center on our newsfeeds and social profiles. Rather than serving as an alarmist piece of clickbait, the U.S. News article explained how our nation was falling behind our major global adversaries in cyber capability investment. The article came out months before the full scale of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election became apparent, and America’s cybersecurity outlook has only become bleaker since that point.

The reality is that the United States is no longer superior on every battlefield. While we’ve long held supremacy on land, in the air and at sea, our adversaries have learned to exploit the failures in our cybersecurity infrastructure....

Learn more about Cybersecurity & Diversity, including:
  • How the landscape has changed
  • Threats posed by a lack of diversity
  • Large-scale cyber attacks on the U.S. by China, Russia, Iran, and others

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At Cambridge College, we have championed diversity and equity for five decades. Our Cybersecurity programs were designed to prepare students – all students – to become sought-after, high-earning cybersecurity professionals:

  • > Information Security and Risk Management Certificate (10 months)
  • > Network Security Certificate (10 months)
  • > Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

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